GeoPoint Editor for Neos 8

Hi Community, I’m building my first site in Neos and I’m glad everything is working so far.

I have a list of projects to show on a map. So I need a special editor to select the location for each project.

I found the ttree/googlemapeditor package, but it only works up to Neos 5. The ttreeagency/GeoPointEditor package is also mentioned here in the forum. Here I’m not sure how to install that and it also seems outdated to me.

I don’t need a package, which also represents a map, just an editor to enter the coordinates. Is there an easy way to do something like that for Neos 8?

maybe youll find something here ^^ Neos CMS Extension packages & plugins - Search all packages available in the Neos universe -

@jborsdorf Neos 8 compatibility for GitHub - ttreeagency/GoogleMapEditor: Google Map Inspector Editors for Neos CMS should not be a big deal. I assume it’s directly compatible with Neos < 8.3 just by changing the require section. It might require a new build for Neos 8.3 compatibility. Maybe you could do this yourself and create a Pull Request?

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