Git for Developer and Copying Data

Hello Everyone,

we have two task which are connected.

  1. we want to git our Neos for our Developers. My Idea is to git only the following folders:
    Packages/Sites and Packages/Application

This should cover all the Places they work on - is there any conflict with other folders we have to thought of?

  1. Is there a way to migrate content from one Neos-Installation to another just based on File and MySQL. Like take Folders a,b,c,d and a complete mysql-dump

Thank you very much for any Ideas


Hey Robby!

@dimaip has described a good way how to deal with git:

To migrate the content you can use the flow site:export (site-export) and flow site:import (site-import) commands.

Thank you Michael,
for some reason haven’t seen the article of dimaip.

For the migration part, we were looking for ways (Ideas) to deal with it without using the cli-commands.

A complete MySQL dump and an archive of Data/Persistent can transfer a site.

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