Google Analytics Package: Can I overrride the config in Settings.xml of my site?

I am using neos-googleanalytics package and it works perfectly. However, I wanted to override the below from Settings.yaml in my own Settings.yaml of my site package.

    # Application name for the consent screen
    applicationName: 'TYPO3 Neos'
    # "Client ID" of the OAuth 2.0 "Client ID for web application"
    clientId: ~
    # "Client Secret" of the OAuth 2.0 "Client ID for web application"
    clientSecret: ~
    # "API Key" of the Public API access credential "Key for server applications"
    developerKey: ~

The expected behavior would be that copying (and adjusting) the above into Settings.yaml of my package would override the config from the Google Analytics package. But this does not work? Am I misunderstanding the concept here?

Reason being is that my Site is Git controlled by me and the files of the analytics package get overwritten during update with composer.

You can override the settings from your site package if that is loaded after the analytics package. To achieve that add a dependency to the analytics-package in the composer.json of your site-package and perform ./flow flow:package:rescan.

Another option that avoids the dependency is to alter the settings in the Configuration/Settings.yaml or Configuration/Production/Settings.yaml of your distribution, since those Settings are always evaluated last.

Regards, Martin

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Good Hint. I have the same problem/desire.
By the way:
The whole site crashed after installing GA (and package:rescan), due to missing datatables.
After running the Migration everything was OK.
This should be put within the documentation.
Further more the inside of GA changed a lot (Screen shots).