Google Summer Of Code 2016 Ideas

This topic is a collection of project ideas for Google Summer Of Code, should we be accepted.

If you have any idea for a smaller/medium feature that would be “nice to have”, feel free to post it here. A reasonable explanation of the feature is minimum required. If you have a detailed plan/idea even better!

Welcome package

Flow has a welcome package that should brushed up in terms of style and functionality. It could include a UI based kickstarter for packages and models.

Expected results: Nicer Welcome package with better introduction, first-steps and maybe UI based kickstarter for packages and models.

Milestones: New Design, additional information for Flow newcomers, introduction, kickstart ui
Skill level: easy

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Google API package

Create a package for Flow to use common Google APIs in an easy way. Login, Maps, Analytics, PageSpeed, Documents, Mails are just some ideas

Expected results: One (or more if it makes sense) packages with easy connectors and PHP API to interact with Google

Milestones: APIs one by one as defined between student and mentor
Skill level: medium
Knowledge prerequisite: Google APIs


Flow web compile runner

Flow creates proxy classes from the given PHP code to add enhanced functionality. This currently requires a PHP CLI binary. A web compiler would be neat as alternative for some server environments.

Expected results: Compilation of Flow proxy classes can be done via web without needing a PHP CLI binary. Additionally could split into multiple requests.

Milestones: reflection in web request, proxy building in web request, split steps

Skill level: hard

Knowledge prerequisite: PHP advanced, code generation

Hosted Content Repository Connector

Hosted content repositories like “contentful” and “” can be connected via API to Neos to use their content and maybe also enable changing the content from Neos. Some packages with examples for that exist already but nothing that could be used easily.

Expected results: Connector to one of the services using the API and exploration of changing content in Neos and writing it back.

Milestones: API Connector, Neos Integration, additional features for ease of use, write back feature.

Skill level: medium

Knowledge prerequisite: General idea about content repositories and REST APIs.

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Templating Kickstarter

The Neos kickstarter allows creation of an empty site package to start your own template. It should be extended to allow integration of well known templating systems like Bootstrap, Foundation, Material and similar. These templating systems should be available as packages that hook into Neos and have premade elements and code that will be used by the newly created site package (which then depends on the template system).

Expected results: Kickstarter is extended to allow selection of enabled template systems, at least one template system integrated, resulting site packages use templating system and offer a “ready to go” website based on it.

Skill level: easy

Ping, please add more ideas here.

Side note on this one, a project to try to use goaop/framework - Packagist in Flow should be nice (Goaop support web compile, lazy compilation, …) and collaborating with Alexander should be nice. I have some contact with Alexander regarding support of Goaop in the Flow Debug Proxy (GitHub - dfeyer/flow-debugproxy: A Flow Framework Debug proxy for xDebug, written in Go)

Advanced Metadata Handling for the Media Browser

See RFC: Adding additional properties to media assets - #19 by dfeyer

Moving the Resource to the CR should be nice also, but can be an other project.

Skill level: medium