Guild Marketing | Team Meeting | 2019-08-22

Participants: Fabian, Stefan, Sebastian H.

Missing: David

All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • Further work on new topic landing pages has been done (E-Commerce)
  • Waiting for feedback from Neos related shop integration contacts
  • Stefan working on new case studies
  • Visitors on don’t really increase
    • Some pages have been moved to
    • We need more topic landing pages (in progress)
  • Budget for work on
    • We need to write a funding request
    • Collect tasks to work on and estimate
    • Possible areas:
      • Make it easier to start working on the site
      • Clean up old code
      • Fix bugs
      • Implement requested features
  • Question from Fabian: Is it helpful to create external posts (f.e. on Medium) on certain topic to increase traffic to
    • Sebastian: Not sure
    • Stefan: Could make sense for more general topics
    • Needs further discussion
  • Preparing the release blog post
    • Hint further explanations of new Neos features for follow up posts over the next months
    • Have follow up blog posts
      • Example: Redirect manager in detail (also thank sponsors)
      • Example: New CR
  • We are still missing some blog posts from new team members
    • Fabian will remind them
  • Create editorial plan for the Blog and other web portals
    • Stefan will analyze which topics are relevant

  • Lots of traffic on setup first Neos, installation and other starter topics
    • Further focus on these topics

Social Media


  • Fabian in contact with another agency to start topic meetups with experts. Target groups are people from any CMS or sometimes Open Source in general. It’s planned to have one already this year. One result should be a reproducible concept for other regions.
  • Swiss introduction into Neos CMS by Internezzo
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