Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2019-09-19

Participants: Sebastian H., Fabian, David

Missing: Stefan

All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • The Neos 5.0 release article is finished. David will add some short information about the release-name.
  • The Neos 5.0 release newsletter is also finished and will be sent immediately after neos 5.0 is officially announced.

Social Media

  • Fabian will prepare Twitter and other social media posts


  • Roland will be part of a stage discussion at the DCX Conference
  • Discussion about DCX Conference and whether or not we would like to pay for a presentation at the Content Stage and which topic would fit the best for the audience.
  • We could provide a Gatsbyjs package and then have an official integration on their website would be very nice -> Sebastian H. will discuss with Markus
  • David showed GoEssential ( for the Neos Con talk recordings. David can give access to anyone from the team who wants to work on the videos to “essentialise” them.
  • Idea for future release theming/naming from David: Using art -> we will collect ideas for the future and the discuss them during a sprint with everyone.
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