Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2019-09-27

Participants: Seb, Fabian, Peter Rauber
Missing: David, Stefan
All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • Link to Neos demo
    • Similar to Craft CMS
      • Enter email and get 2-day valid Neos instance
      • Instance will be deleted after 2 days
      • Should be fully functioning demo distribution
    • Internezzo has already a demo page
      • Currently only with one user
        • Could cause issues when multiple people log in
        • Peter will add user registration
      • Instance is cleared every night
    • Later we could have multiple demo instances for different usecases
    • Could be interestiing for agencies to offer customized demo instances
  • Casestudies
    • Internezzo might provide ~3 interesting case studies
      • Seb will provide the case study template to Peter
    • Jung v. Matt would be a great case study (Also won Neos Award)
  • Service provider listing
    • Stefan already working on the concept
    • Map would be helpful to see where Neos service providers are available
      • Especially helpful f.e. In Switzerland to see that more providers exist
    • Filter for the map (Freelancer, Agencies, Core Team Members, Membership, service types, shops, support…)
    • Listing should be shuffled so no provider has a sorting based advantage
    • Seb will create Google Doc for writing down concept
    • We should already collect possible providers to already have a bigger list when we implement the feature on

Social Media

  • Provide twitter neos list/search to see Neos related news
  • Provide hint on how to stay updated on new package releases


  • Fabian on vacation for 3 weeks
  • Peter will try to join more often <3