Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2019-10-09

Participants: Sebastian H., Stefan Regniet, Peter Rauber

Missing: Fabian (Vacation)

All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H., Peter Rauber

  • Sebastian started the SEO Landingpage
    • Feedback: add some images
    • Anyone can contribute
  • Maybe in the future some landingpage for “headless”
  • Here is a list in Analytics for the downloaded packages:
    • Option: Take top-keywords and add content pages
  • Current Status Neos-Demo
    • Registration form is ready
    • Updated to neos 4
    • Missing last step: some explanatory content
  • Some more case studies from internezzo around end 2019
  • Service offerings on (also in switzerland highly appreciated and an important sales proposition)
    • Additional Map
    • @Stefan R will continue in November
    • Peter Rauber will help to register swiss agencies
  • Sebastian wants to spend as much time as possible for during sprint
    • David wants to rebuild the build process (js, css, etc…)
    • Jon also wanted to help
  • Peter tries to get okay for Migros-Logo and Case Study on (by Jung von Matt) -
  • Also for globus - @Stefan R?

  • Sebastian wrote MAMP tutorial
  • Still “installation” and “first steps” are the primary resources for visitors