Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2019-11-21

Participants: Fabian, Stefan, Sebastian H.

Missing: David

All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • Form for service provider listing is ready and sent to Neos team
    • We will offer the form publicly starting Monday 25th
    • We will wait 1-2 weeks until we have enough entries and then put the list live
  • Seb made further improvements to service provider listing
  • Stefan has collected ~40 Neos agencies in a spreadsheet we would like to have in the service provider list and maybe need to contact
    • TODO Stefan: Put spreadsheet into marketing folder
  • TODO Fabian: Create Google Form for new Show Case listings
  • Case study for austrian Neos party website almost ready

  • No updates

Social Media

  • Post form for service provider listing on Monday