Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2019-11-28

Participants: Sebastian H., Fabian, David, Peter Rauber

Missing: Stefan

All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • Service Provider Listing (
    • @tschoeki : Write an introduction text for providers page
    • @Sebastian: Add “Flow-Development” as Service for Flow-only or combined providers
    • Sebastian: Write document with ruleset to check provider submission
      • Check whether Neos is mentioned on their website
        • Fabian uses the Google site search for this
      • If core development is offered verify how they do that if they don’t have a core member
      • Always check GitHub name as vendor name
    • Fabian: Feature request: Reset to see all providers via a button after zooming in
    • All: Feature request: Responsive layout for listing
    • Currently, we will not allow agencies with several offices to have several entries until we have a good solution for that case
      • Possible quick solution:
        • Allow adding “additionalContacts” on the provider page
        • They will show up on map and location part of listing
    • Peter: Quite happy with the solution and more features than expected


  • Demo site by Internezzo: (
    • Peter: Already ~130 testers since the start (~10 per day)
    • Add Matomo to Jumpbox Demo including Heatmaps to track user behaviour on and within the Neos backend. That gathered information should get us great insights on how new users that have not been on-boarded, interact with the Neos backend. This will help us to improve the UI/UX.
  • Peter showed their Jumpbox management/kickstart interface
  • General topic after discussions on how to better market bigger Neos features in 2020 (Event Sourcing, new CR)
    • Would be good to have a marketing sprint for this in Q1
  • Future Idea:
    • Provide a feature comparison between Neos 4.3 LTS and Neos 5.1