Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2019-12-12

## guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2019-12-12

Participants: Fabian, Stefan, David, Guests: Viktor Isaak, Alexander Kappler

Missing: Sebastian H.

All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • Upcoming New Case Studies
    • (formerly known as Wer-liefert-was) shown by Alexander Kappler
      • @Fabian provides him with an editor account for
    • Be.invalue from
  • Handling of brand logos in general
    • Background: Paavo from the Neos community was wondering why the Heineken logo was shown at, as of he or his agency never officially gave explicit permission to do so
    • @Stefan writes Paavo to clarify under which circumstance this happens
    • Sometimes it is unclear who is responsible for the website
    • In general, we decided to reference the source via the alt-tag (e.g. found at,, etc.)

Neos Con 2020

  • Promo for Neos Con 2020
    • Approach service providers from the listing again (by telephone)
    • Write a general text for Meetup Orgas to send to members
    • Cooperation with Meet-Magento (one week later in Leipzig) organized by TechDivision
    • Cooperation with CMS Garden
    • Cooperation with universities via TechDivision
    • Neos Con App
      • Use it more often to send notifications
      • Idea: Why not make Neos Con App a Neos App
  • Alexander Kappler: Talk about newspaper digitization and publishing process via Neos
  • Idea: analyse the talk ratings from Neos Con 2018 & 2019 to see which talks the audience liked the most
    • @Fabian provides this information for the next marketing weekly


  • Schwabe AG cancelled their Neos funding subscription
    • @Fabian gets in contact with the supporting agency and alternatively calls Schwabe himself
  • Upcoming Newsletters
    • Neos 5.1 Release
    • Neos Service Provider Listing
    • New Neos Con 2020 speakers
  • Support for 5.1 Release
    • David is drafting the release article with support from Fabian and the release contributors
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Regarding the Neos Con app … as it is an React Native app we could replace the scraper thas was used in the past and extend with the Graph-QL package. So we can build an endpoint for the app to fetch the conference data via graphql.

So we don’t need to publish new app versions via expo anymore when we have schedule adjustments. Using neos itself as an PWA would end up in the issue that you can not send push notifications to the iOS users.

So a real app is at the moment still the way to go I guess.

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The way I understood, the Neos App would still be a real app - just not only for the conferences, but also for more aspects of Neos.