Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2020-05-12

Participants: Stefan, Sebastian H., Simon Krull

Missing: Fabian, David

All members: Stefan, Sebastian H., Fabian, David

  • We should add an explanation to the teams page what our teams mean and how it works
    • People are not sure how what they do
  • Simon has translated several pages, is continuing
    • Video-Translation
    • Hide pages and publish in smaller steps
  • Stefan works on content
    • Improved feature list a bit
    • Cloud-Ready page in progress
  • Demo-Instances can / should be branded by the provider
  • Ask Flownative for demo instance similar to craft cms

  • Wrote Tutorial about img native lazy load

Social Media

  • Marketing Neos Award
    • Send out Newsletter @tschoeki
    • 2-3 Tweets / week (use last year’s winners for more retweets)
    • First person confirmed for jury
    • Reuse Neos Award Winner 2019–> David


  • 2nd Online Meetup was great
    • Next Meetup 10th June
    • Feedback was good
    • Bit more structure for each talk would be good to give an overview
    • Recording has audio delay
      • We need to extract the videos from BBB at some point