Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2020-07-02

Participants: Sebastian, Simon, Stefan, Fabian

Missing: David

All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • Funding API & page
    • Plan to redo the transparency page on
      • Maybe with Sandstorm exply
      • More filters and grouping options
      • Show expenses at some point in the future
      • Show timeline
  • Editor Documentation
    • Topic for the Marketing sprint
    • Make more obvious why it’s not on


  • Marketing sprint (July 22nd to 24th) topics:
    • Concept funding page on
    • Editor documentation
      • Improve linking, navigation
      • Make them nicer
    • Define topics as backlog and todo on
    • Brand discussion
    • Cookie notice & privacy
    • Navigation and linking between Neos/Flow related pages
    • More featured content (blog, community, others) on homepage
    • Directly show package search and improve how activity is shown
    • Maybe something like a community dashboard
      • Make the homepage interesting to Neos power users
    • How to market our technology in the Neos world to make technical people interested into Neos/Flow