Guild-marketing weekly 2023-05-03

Participants: @davidspiola, @ahaeslich, @jonnitto, @mbornschein, @s.regniet, @tschoeki, @sebobo

Discussed topics:

  • @tschoeki talked about additional outside help ( he found who can help with “true” marketing topics that are less technical and website related. Some results were already presented but more will come in the next months.
  • We will try to focus more on general marketing in the marketing weeklies and probably have separate calls for the technical topics regarding the websites in the guild-website Slack channel.
  • @mbornschein presented slides with a “review” of by her design colleagues at with many suggestions on how we can improve the website to better target various groups and make the navigation, layout & design more consistent.
    • Some quick wins in the structure will be done asap
    • @sebobo will organise another website sprint in the next 2 months
    • We want to implement most of the “evolutionary” improvements before the Neos 9.0 release
    • We will implement the “revolutionary” changes afterwards
  • A blog post for the contribution day and sprint is already in preparation and @davidspiola will write a blog post about the Con + Neos Awards

Topics for the next weeklies:

  • @sebobo: discuss the approach for social networks activities
  • @sebobo: discuss the inclusion of a search box on the homepage for content and packages, also a design/concept topic → @mbornschein
  • @sebobo: discuss who can update and improve the demo content like we planned last year
  • @sebobo: revive the Neos online meetup
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The awesome @markusguenther already updated to 8.3 :rocket:

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