Has anyone a solution (internal/external) for self-hosted videos (for example ffmpeg)?

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yesterday i asked at slack.com/messages/neos-core-dev/ something like this :

Hi ! How much work must be don to have a video plugins like https://wordpress.org/plugins/video-embed-thumbnail-generator/ and https://wordpress.org/plugins/videojs-html5-player/ for Neos with FFmpeg ? Not all users like me want to store their videos external. The German rights for embedding youtube videos are little bit difficult (Datenschutz / Cookies)

One of the answers from dfeyer

"at the beginning we start with our own tools based on ffmeg, but that don’t scale, so we move the zencoder for the processing and S3 for storage, fast and easy to integrate "

and the other answer was

“try to install the Plyr intergration by @jonnitto it add a new node type, so just have to upload a video + splash image and include the video with the new node type in your page, really easy.”

What solutions can be done for showing videos, which are not on

  • Youtube
    (if users go to the regular youtube site, they will see unwanted other videos in the listings - not good for marketing, § 15 Abs. 3 TMG makes problems in germany because website owners have to inform about the use of cookies ! , replacing a video on youtube is not possible, etc. )

  • Vimeo ( for the pro-versions you have to pay , but you can’t sell the videos) . It is not perfect for selling tutorial videos.

  • Wistia :
    1. Pro-Version : Standard Bandwidth 200GB , $100per month for 150 Videos,
    2. Free-Version : only 5 videos !
    3. Premium-Version : starting at 300$ per month !!!

Please discuss with me and the others who like Neos :slight_smile:


I could imagine that one could build such a thing based on AWS Services, more specifically https://aws.amazon.com/elastictranscoder/

Still, running one’s own video transcoding and streaming service is probably a really non-trivial effort…

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Thanks for the post. I tried yesterday the Plyr-Plugin. It seems to work, but thumbnails don’t work correctly , uploading a video file is very very slow and the player itself is stuttering at the first play (problems with buffering ? - my server has only 64GB Ram !?)

Here is a little example:

The other solutions with zencoder to AWS S3 or elastictranscoder could be possible.
Sorry, that i can’t write these codes. Perhaps someone can do this.