Hello and some questions

Hey, my name is Dieter and I’m from Germany. I want to create a homepage for my school and it shoud be with Neos. The problem is that it is overwhelming for a beginner like me.
I have several questions… maybe they have already been answered in the forum, but I didn’t find them. I’m sorry for that.

  1. I tried this videotutorial https://docs.neos.io/cms/building-your-first-website/your-first-node-type until the part wir the “index.css”. In my version5.3.1 there is no folder “frontend” with a file “index.css”
    Where can I define the colors and so on?

  2. Maybe this is easy but I didn’t find out, how to change the alignment of the “image” node. I tried to write the BaseMixin - Alignment into the image.yaml but there only apear buttons in the inspector. They didn’t work.

  3. How is it possible to change the logo in the topleft?

  4. Is it possible to have a picture working like a button/link?

  5. Are there any free NodeTypes available for downloading? I think about the yaml file and the fusion rendering file… or isn’t that enough for a new node?

I hope you could help me and sorry that I have so many questions.


Hello Dieter and welcome to the neos community.
Great that you already found the videos from Roland.

I would like to answer you all questions but before that I need to find out what you are using.
Youa lready mentioned Neos 5.3.1 but as you want to replace a logo you maybe also installed a existing site package.

Do you know which site package you use? Or did you mean the neos logo when you are in the “backend” where you edit the content.

First thing is that if you don`'t have a site package that already offers plenty of nodetypes and styling with css, you need to take care. We know that a kickstarter with multiple sitepackages would be awesome. But time is limitied and we did not find time to start that onboarding project.

It is good that you find our forum and so we have a place where you can ask us.
Looking forward to you message and then we will find a way to answer your questions :slight_smile:

Hey Markus!
Thank you for your quick answer! Well the thing is, an IT-teacher set up the demo page and gave me the login for checking and testing.
It’s the Neos Demo Site 6.2.0 (hope that’s what you asked for) with the “Alice in Wonderland” Pages and so on.
A package with the perfect template (maybe editable in the backend) and the nodes I need would be awesome off course. The problem is, that I don’t know if there are templates for free and where to download those templates or even how to see how they look like.
Can there be single Nodetypes be downloaded to? I mean for almost any template?
I’m not really an expert so i quess building my own things is quite hard for me and the page should work, too (or else the parents would call in a second :wink: ).

Thank you again for your help and advice.

Hi Dieter,


You will have to build some parts on your own. There is no really good way around that. As most Neos projects have the requirement to be customized to the customer, which Neos is optimized for, there has never been a lot of initiative for shareable templates as they also have their own drawbacks.

But there are a few templates like https://www.neos.io/download-and-extend/packages/sitegeist/sitegeist-neostemplate-spectral.html available.
Or https://docs.neos.io/cms/tutorials/neos-skeleton

Hi Sebastian,

thank you for your answer! I think the IT-teacher will have to install the mentioned templates/skeletons. After that I can try some things.
Is it posible to install more different templates at once? At the top left you can choose from “Inhalt” --> Neos Demo Site… there could be different hompages, is that right?
I hope I can handle the customisation . My schlool surely wants to implement a calender and I’m not sure if I can build this Node… but i will try :slight_smile:
Thank you again!