Hello community

(Bernhard Witz) #1

Hi all

I’m new to Neos and Flow and I hope to find some answers here I could not find yet in the documentation. So thanks in advance :wink:

In case nobody has noticed yet. In the welcome email after the registration the activation link for the Neos community account comes without the domain. I guess that’s not intended :wink:

please click on the following link to activate: 

Best regards,

(Martin Ficzel) #2

Hello Bernhard,

welcome to Neos and thanks for the report. I notified the ops-guild about the problem with the welcome.mail.

Regards, Martin

(Bastian Waidelich) #3

Hi there,

this has been reported already (see https://github.com/neos/Neos.IdNeosIo/issues/10) and will be fixed soon hopefully.