Help! Stange Error during Setup

Hello out there!

I got stucked in the middle of the setup process.
After giving th database niity-gritty I got an Exeption (unexpected ‘’ … )
Database user is root with all privileges granted. Neos managed to create the table flow_doctrine_migrationstatus.
This is the only table before the exeption occures. In the stacktrace I’ve found a hint to execute a migration manually with the flow command line: same error!
My System: Ubuntu 16.04, php7, imagick,mysql, apache2.
Neos was installed by composer. I’ve followed the installation guide on
To my opinion I meet all the requirements.
Any idea???!!

Thankx in advance

I 've got it running now: A Part of the apache configuration was missing.
A “composer update” at the end repaired this broken migration stuff.