Help translating the user interface for Neos 2.0

Calling native speakers of all languages.

Neos 2.0 is almost ready for being released, but we still have a lot of untranslated labels that we need to translate to deliver a good experience for everyone using Neos in their preferred language.

Currently the most translated language is at 88% and I challenge everyone to get their native language to reach 100% before the final release, so your users won’t be disappointed when finding untranslated labels.

This is an great and easy way to contribute to the project, even for non-programmers. So if you have a colleague that uses Neos, why not suggest them to help translate the user interface so they can later enjoy it?

See the overview at and checkout for more information about how to help translating. By the way, it’s super easy and fun do to!

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Thanks to the faaaast translators who made German 100% translated again! I just went through all translations again and approved the ones which needed to be approved and change a very few to fit into the general wording. So, according to Crowdin, the German translation is now 100% done (for now ;-)).


We’re going to release Neos 2.0 with the following languages available: Polish, German, Dutch, Finnish, French, Latvian, Russian & Danish.

Additional languages will be added along the way with patch releases as they become translated. It is possible to enable an additional language in by configuring it in Settings.yaml in TYPO3.Neos.userInterface.availableLanguages and downloading the raw translation files from manually.