Hierarchical media tags / media collections

I’m trying to find out how I could optimize work with media.

The website was managed with TYPO3 before and will now be transferred to NEOS. In TYPO3 we had 400 Files separated in 44 directories with an hierarchical structure.

I have a structure like this:

  • Concerts
    • 2014
      • Image 1
      • Image 2
      • Image 3
    • 2015
      • Image 4
      • Image 5
  • News
    • 2014
      • Image 1
      • Image 2
    • 2015

Now I could create tags for Concerts, News, 2014 and 2015. Then add the tags to the media. So Image 1 would get the tags Concerts, 2014 and News. That’s fine so far.

But then when I would like to add a image node and select my media, I can’t say: "filter and show me all media, that have the tags 2014 and Concerts. Or is that somehow possible and I didn’t figure out how?

Since creating collections is only allowed for administrators, this isn’t a solution as well. Is there a possibility to give normal editors the rights to manage collections or something similar?

And is there a way to filter the list of tags, so that I could find the tag faster to activate it?

Hi Erich,

the media module is currently a bit limited in that regard.
We will start a rewrite of the module early 2020. When we reached a certain point we will certainly need support from the community. Maybe your company can also help us then also.

You currently can modify your policies to also allow editors to create collections. Each collection can have tags assigned. When a collection is selected only its tags are shown.
This allows at least a bit of hierarchy.

Great! Thanks for the hint.
I fond a documentation for the policies here:

So I could manage the persmissions for the management of collections for the role editor. This helps for the moment.

But the other features would still be very useful.

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