How publishing works in neos?

I am a newbie to neos although I have many experiences in CMS before. I find there is no such Publishing tool clearly defined to publish static content easily to multiple remote destinations which is quite common practice at Enterprise. Besides Varnish approach which is a caching approach, I do want to know how to simply publish the static html, css, js to a remote hosting account like Or maybe I need a 2nd Neos instance to be deployed remotely to act as an “Apache” equivalent? Or can I just use “Publish” to publish static content ONLY via FTP to another server?




Neos is not (currently) and static sitebuilder.

You can check: (but it’s still a caching approach).

It’s should be possible to use a command controller to build a static version of a site, and publish it somewhere. My vision for this kind of package:

  1. Neos installation with cloud storage configured (S3, Rackspace, …)
  2. Create a CommandController to browse the site and save a static version of the site
  3. Publish / Deploy to somewhere

Thx. If I’d like to setup this on AWS, I should have one EC2 using S3 storage then using CloudFront as CDN? If I need host this in a corp LAN, I will face the security issue if I put neos in a DMZ. So, I assume I should use Varnish in DMZ to cache the content? Any bible regarding how to setup a Varnish with Neos?

Hi Steven

Not sure what exactly you mean here, setting up the static deployment on AWS or? If you do that there’s not really anything Neos specific regarding Varnish I’d say.

However if you mean setting up Neos normally on AWS using S3 and CloudFront + Varnish then these packages should help. ( (

If you wont to go to the static website so publishing only HTML + CSS, first you have to code the support for Neos to export the site as a static dump, should be doable.

By using the flow-aws-s3, your resource are published to S3 from your main neos server.

For hosting of the static website, service like really rock, simple to use pretty powerful.