How to add patch for review


For TYPO3 Flow 2.3, The shipped constant PATTERN_SPLITBYOPERATOR’s definition at line 27 in TYPO3\Flow\Aop\Pointcut\PointcutExpressionParser.php, exclude the ||! and &&! operator if they are used in Resource section of Policy.yaml.

The shipped one is:

const PATTERN_SPLITBYOPERATOR = '/\s*(\&\&|\|\|)\s*/';

The desired one should be:

const PATTERN_SPLITBYOPERATOR = '/\s*(\&\&!|\|\|!|\&\&|\|\|)\s*/';

How can I add the change to get reviewed and eventually added into the code repository please? I do not want to made this kind of edit with every TYPO3 Flow installation.

Hey! Try to follow this guide, worked for me:

You can also come by in our slack and ping one of the team members to get help doing that :slight_smile: