How to clone a site package?(Solved)

Hello Everyone,
has anyone tried to clone a sitepackage to use it on the same neos installation as base for another page?

What I tried so far is to export my site-pagage with site:export - seems to work fine.

I created with kickstart:site a new site package and tried to import my xml-file from the export into the new site.package.

But I’m not sure if this is the right way or how it can be done.

Any Ideas?

Thank you very much

here is a link
I called backup in my post, but it may be able to help you to make a clone …
Best Regards

Hello jean-claude,
thank you very much for your posting. But I need a way to clone only a site-package.

The Reason why I want to do this, is because the cloned site package should hold the same structure and elements as the original site. We only want to change some content.

At the moment I struggle with the import of the Sites.xml - I always get a parser Error :frowning:


I Solved it.

with the following steps I was abel to clone one of my Site Packages:
I’m sure there are quite a few steps to improve it - please let me know.

  1. change to your neos folder which contains the flow-file
  2. if you don’t know the names of your site-packages just check them with ./flow site:list
  3. export the package you want to clone via ./flow site:export –site-node {sidenodename} –filename /path/Sites.xml –tidy
    with the option tidy you get your xml well formated. This will also create a Ressource folder
  4. You need a Site Package with the new Name - you can copy the one you want to clone or create a blank one with ./flow kickstart:site
  5. Move your exportet Ressource folder and Sites.xml to your new Package in Resources/Private/Content
  6. Change in you sites.xml the site tag with the attributes name, siteResourcePackageKey and SiteNodeName, then change the <node NodeName which are reference to you old package into the new one. As the last Step - remove all identifieres within any node tags
  7. remove all caches either the hard way or with a flush
  8. import your new package as a site with ./flow site:imort --package-key {newPackageKey}
  9. add a domain to the new package with ./flow domain:add
  10. Try to login - if you geht any error- you might need to make a ./flow node:repair and flush any caches again.

Thats the way it worked for me, if any of you have some tips please let me know.


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