How to copy /migrate homepage structure?


we are running Neos now on more than 60 websites. What I like to do is to prepare a “Master” Homepage Structure with Pages / Content and copy those to the 59 other websites. Because from scratch we are starting on many of these sites with exactly the same structure and most content.

I know that I am able to copy between a site (adding a new dimension, Neos is asking if I like to copy or not). My question is how to do this between Sites?

We tried to do this with flow migration but failed. Is this the right idea? Or any other ways to do this?


You can export your site content into xml files with the cli command. You can import it into new instances.

Hi @mstoyanov

thanks and the export works fine. But our setup to import data makes things a bit complicated for us. So the question to import is:


  • Multisite Setup with multiple existing Sites
  • Site1 has a Page-Node filled with content
  • Site2 has empty Page-Node

How to copy content from Site1 root-node to Site2 root-node