How to delete home page of the demo site?

Im new to Neos and experiencing the demo site. The home page is available in all configured languages. I wanted to delete e.g. the latvian home page in the backend but this seems not to be possible as the delete button is not active. I’m a bit confused about that because I should be able to delete all pages of a certain language.

Can someone explain to me why it is not possbile to delete e.g. the latvian home page?

Actually I think this is a problem no one has thought of and it’s never been reported before. It’s a restriction to prevent editor from deleting the root page, but when you have multiple dimensions this restriction should only be applied when there’s no fallback. Please report it to and in the meantime you’ll have to do it manually in the database. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Aske, thanks a lot for your answer. Nothing to say sorry for.
I will write a bug report for this soon.

I’m not yet familiar with how NEOS works. I’m experienced with databases so finding the corresponding information in the database and deleting them should be possible.
Is the whole content of a NEOS site solely stored in the database?
Is it safe to (correctly) delete content from the database, then flushing the cache an everything should be consistently?

see the nodata table, sort by path and check the dimensionValues column to see which one to delete…

also there’s some related entities in the nodedimension table to the node you’ll delete, you should delete those too

usually cache flushing wouldn’t be necessary, but doesn’t hurt

and yeah all content is stored in the db