How to edit "hidden" content (e.g. content in a Modal Window)

I’m looking for a solution to editing “hidden”.
In my NEOS Project I need a button that opens a modal widow with some additional content in it (ContentCollection).

The problem is how to show the Content inside the modal to the user so she can edit it?

Some possible solutions I thought of:

  • Keep the frontend modal functionality (javascript) and edit the content inside the real modal. (Problem: JavaScript may interfer with backend javascript. Dialog get closed by user. …)
  • Create some kind of dialog (like the HTML Node which shows the Code in it’s own dialog) for the modal content (Problem: Is this possible in NEOS out of the box?)

Any ideas / examples / best practices on how to implement this behavior?

Thanks for your help and your amazing CMS.

I usually don’t display Modals in the Backend. I’m e.g. displaying hidden content below the element that triggers the modal in the backend so the user can edit it right away.