How to get the identifier of the node?

I want to build a Tabpanel-Componet. In my ContentCollection of panels I can get the identifier with ${q(node).property('_identifier')}. But in my tab list I get the title of my panel, but not the identifier.

  items = ${q(node).children()}
  renderer = afx`
    <ul class="tabs">
      <Neos.Fusion:Loop items={props.items} itemName="item">
        <li><button aria-controls={}>{}</button></li>

You should use node.identifier.

Identifier, hidden, etc. are attributes of a node and not like the properties you declare via the nodetype.

q(node).property('_hidden') still let’s you access them via a “magic trick”, but you cannot access via properties, as this array doesn’t contain them.
And for (slight) performance reasons you shouldn’t use and use q(node).property(‘myProp’) instead.


This worked.
Thank you for the explanation.

and i would prefer node.identifier over q(node).property('_identifier') ^^