How to give an html array like the name attribute in typo3 Neos fluid template (inside a plugin)

I want to give input field attribute name as array style.I mainly used in typo3 neos inside a plugin.But i can not get the correct result in typo3 neos fluid template.

I wrote the fluid template like that

<f:form.textfield id="" name=“habit[0][name]” />

I got the fluid result like that

<input type=“text” name="–example_app-person-plugin[habit][0][name]" />

But i want the answer like that

<input type=“text” name="–example_app-person-plugin[habit[0][name]]" />

How can i achieve the above mentioned result using typo3 fluid template?

The "namespacing is done automatically by Neos to be able to pass arguments to your plugin controller. If you want to skip this, don’t use the Fluid input viewhelper, I don’t know a way to skip this otherwise.

But maybe you can explain the why did you need to change this ? Just cosmetics, or any thing else ?