How to implement a 'Latest News' element

I have created a new document node type “News” which I use for News pages. This News page has these properties: teaser image and an excerpt text.

Next I want to create a new node type “Latest News” element. The idea is here that the author can select the root path where the news pages are stored, e.g. /news and then this element just takes the latest 3 news items and display them with custom html for the teaser image, the excerpt text and a link to the news page itself.

How can I write some TypoScript which actually gets the selected root path for the News pages and then returns this collection of news nodes?

Or is there some Best Practice on how to implement such “News system”?

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i did something like that in Check the code how to implement such a feature.


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Thanks for sharing this @stolle!

I will have a look into it.

Hi stolle,

I try your package. But there is an error: No XLIFF file is available for JohannesSteu.Neos.News::NodeTypes/NewsList::en in the locale chain. It is only my problem or a “package-problem”? Thanks a lot!

maybe some translations are missing right now. If you don’t mind add them create a PR. But i’ll have it on my list to check!