How to make a custom validator available in a form?

I tried to understand custom validators for forms.
So I thought about programming an own validator class by extending from AbstractValidator and store it in My/Package/Classes/Validators.

But how can I make this validator be available as My.Package.MyValidator in the form definition yaml file? The regular flow validators are availbe starting with “Neos.Flow:”. But I didn’t get the custom validator to work. It is not available. I defined an own preset in the settings.yaml. And then…what is missing?

        parentPreset: default

After many unsuccessful attempts and web searches I 'm happy that I could find a website explaining what I liked to do:

This would really be a helpful addition to the NEOS documentation.

I afterwards just like to draw the NEOS team’s attention to the easy possibility to extend the documentation with the found information above. Therefore I just pick my last conversation partner here in the forum @bwaidelich. Maybe NEOS likes to adopt the infos.

Thank you for picking me :smiley:

Great idea to extend/improve the documentation. For the form framework it’s all in this github repository: feel free to create a corresponding Pull Request, I’m more than happy to review it!

Ok. I add it to my list of github tasks for NEOS.
Just for my understanding, the linked documentation (and ervey extension) stays a closed part of this code source and will not be directly readable/searchable under the official NEOS documenation (

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For now that’s true. It used to be linked from at least, but that link was removed apparently…

In the long run it should be migrated, but we lack the resources to do so currently

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