How to refresh the site

I try to manipulate the default page due to the fact that I have a lot of other issues with my installation.
Now I changed the Packages/Sites/Typo3.NeosDemoTypo3Org/Configuration/settings.yaml

    label: 'TYPO3.NeosDemoTypo3Org:Main:contentDimensions.language'
    icon: 'icon-language'
    default: 'de'
    defaultPreset: 'de'
      'all': ~
        label: 'English (US)'
        values: ['en_US']
        uriSegment: 'en'
        label: 'English (UK)'
        values: ['en_UK', 'en_US']
        uriSegment: 'uk'
        label: 'German'
        values: ['de']
        uriSegment: 'de'

My hope was, that all the other languages from the dropdown in the front end will go away and by default the german page is shown.
After that I flushed the cache to see a new page

./flow flow:cache:flush --force

But no success :frowning: What is my mistake?

Hey man,

i’m completely knew to Neos. But i had a similar problem in Typo3.
Typo3 was using the locales on the server. If you take a look at your code, all the
other languages have something like “en_US”. But for german you just have “de”.
I have no idea if that works, but i would replace “de” with “de_DE”.
You can get a list of all aviable locales via Terminal:

locale -a

Good luck dude :wink: