How to restore from Dump

my customer wants me to import an existing neos-Backup.
I got a zip file with all files and a database dump.

Due to disputes with the old hosting compandy, there is no longer any access to the system or the website.

Is there a documentary how best to restore?

I have no experience with neos. I’ve seen composer.
Run composer like a new install and import/copy the files?

The new server is a standard LAMP (Ubuntu, MySQL, PHP 8+) with Plesk.


Hello Stefan,

It depends a bit on the files that are inside the dump.
Normally, I would expect a git repository that contains the Site (Fusion, NodeTypes, Configuration e.g), custom packages and the composer file for all dependencies. For instance, like our instance.

If you have this repository, you are able to install a blank version of your project.
Then you hopefully have the database dump and can create a new database with the dumped content. Eventually, you need to adjust the configuration for the database connection.

If you have more files in the archive, this can be a copy of the persisted resources. These files can. Be copied to your Data/Persistent/Resources/ folder.

When you don’t miss additional configuration or any custom stuff, your instance should work after a composer install.

Hope that helps.

But as you see, this is very custom and be different from project to project.

Hello Markus,
thanks for the replay.
It is worse :slight_smile:
I don’t have access to any repository. If I run composer update he asks for the password for a private git account which I don’t have and the owner refuse to talk to me.

But then it seems that the composer stuff is part of the archive. You can try to remove the private repository dependencies and hope that it works.

Or if you have the Packages’ folder in the archive check if the Packages from the private repository are inside this and move the Package folder to the DistributionPackages folder and change the relevant part of the composer.json to ‘@dev’ for instance.

But it will be a trial and error :wink: