How to send http request to API-REST


I´ m currentliy working in a project. I need to stablish conection with a API-REST (backend) that is built with Java.

The point is that as frontend, I have to use flow-framework. I know how to use Angular als frontend to send http request to backends with Laravel, Symfony or NodeJs…

I habe googled but I dont find a clear example of how to do it…:((

Maybe you could help me…

Thanks a lot in advance…

Greetings :))

Hi Mario :slight_smile:

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You are building your application in Flow with controllers and actions ? And from inside a action, you need to get data from a REST Api? Is that correct?
How are you building your frontend? Maybe it can help getting this solved, by knowing that :slight_smile:

Calling a REST Api in PHP (that being Flow frameowkr, Laravel, Symfony etc) is the same - it’s described with the usage of CURL here

Hi Soren!
thank a lot for your reply, and apologies for the delay.
You have been very helpful…finally I got it with ‘Guzzle’

Greetings!! :))

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