How to show a random image?


I would like to have some kind of header image on my site where I show a different image for every request. My idea is to have the editor upload these images to an specific asset collection in the Neos backend.

My question is, how do I get a random image out of this collection?
Something like ${q(site).assets('headerimages').random().get(0)}?

Is there a better way?

Isn’t that contradicting the Website caching?
Because the site isn’t created every time new when a browser send a request.

So showing a random image on every request is not possible?
That would be a sad.

Then I would need to do it with Javascript. So, how would i get all the images from a specific AssetCollection?

Hi Florian!

Surely it is possible. Just set cache mode to uncached and use one of the random EEL helpers like this one: or

Even if there was no such helper, if would have been very easy to create your own.

Hi @dimaip!
Could you guide me a little bit more in the right direction? I am just beginning Neos Development.

  1. How do I get the assets from a specific asset collection?
  2. Do I need to make the whole page uncached or just my special image element?

maybe smth like this would work, given you store your image nodes in headerimages contentcollection on your root site node:

yourRandomImage = ${Array.random(q(site).children('headerimages').children().get())}

Only the element that renders your image has to be uncached.