How to start properly a new Neos site and version (git, etc.) it?

I’m new to Neos :slight_smile: and I would like to start a new, clean/blank Neos site. So far I’ve found these links:

Is it the recommended way to create a new Neos site project via “typo3/neos-base-distribution”?
Which directories and/or files are recommended to put under version-control? I assume only the Packages/Sites folder?

My idea is to install this “typo3/neos-base-distribution” where I can learn from it and in parallel I have a separate folder where I have the clean/blank Neos installation for the real project site then.

Thanks for your help.

Hey Oliver!
My way of working with Neos is somehow like this:

  1. take the composer.json from typo3/neos-base-distribuition and customize it to my project (e.g. rename, add maintainer, etc).
  2. Create my own repository based on it, that would hold the whole distribution + website package. There’s really no practical reason to keep the site package separate.
    To speed up this step I have created a boilerplate distribution for our own projects that I just clone and customize:
  3. As project growth, I try to find parts of functionality that could later be reused and separate them out into a own opensource package, for which I do semantic versioning, try to add the docs and maintain in a clean way. E.g.
    Try to avoid creating big bloated packages and keep everything related to given site in one repository, and only take out small reusable parts.
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