How to update Neos on Shared Hostings?


is there any documentation how to properly update a running Neos instance on a Shared Hosting where you can’t execute the update via the composer and flow command tools?

I assumed these steps:

  • For sure make needed backups before the update (db, files)
  • Download new Neos release package
  • Replace the old folders by removing them and replacing by the new ones, but only below the Packages/ folder
  • Flush caches (how can this be done without command tool?)
  • Finish

Are there any other points which should not be forgotten (configs, etc.)?
How can you handle the “doctrine:migrate” command if you can’t execute the flow command on the Shared Hosting? Do you need to do it locally and replace then the whole database data?

Thanks for help!

Definitely executing migrations (doctrine + eventually node migrations).

From my POV running Neos without SSH access it’s like a car with only two wheels … it’s more like a bike and will not run like a car :wink:

Seriously, I’m really in favor of being a bit more precise with what kind of setup we (as the Neos Project) support. There is other threads regarding shared hosting here, but every shared hosting need their own hack to run Neos.

We are currently creating more frustration by not being more clear with the setup required to run Neos (this is my own opinion).


I’m deploying my Neos instances via rsync, meaning composer and stuff is executed on the deployment server.
As Dominique said, without SSH access it’s really difficult but it might work what you suggested (meaning doctrine:migrate locally and replacing the database). But I wouldn’t suggest that. There are shared hosting plans out there that allow you ssh access for a really low price.

Thanks for your feedbacks.

I think also it makes sense to look for Hostings which offer SSH access. I will check then with my Hosting provider.