Ideas for Blogposts/Screencasts

At the code sprint in Hamburg we decided that we want to write more blogposts and tutorials to better market our project and support developers. We started a simple blog post yesterday, which immediately made the front page of hacker news and gave us more than 1,000 page views in just a few hours!

Here we want to collect ideas for topics. Everyone can contribute to that list and add items. Don’t hesitate to add even trivial things because they are helpful especially for beginners.

Please don’t reply to this post, but simply add your items to the list. This post is a wiki, you can edit it as if it were one of your own posts.

If you want to write a blog post, put your name behind a topic so we know it’s being worked on.

You can inform me or @beheist if you wrote a blog-post so that we can update the list. Also, we can post any blog posts you wrote to channels like hackernews, reddit etc - just notify us.


  • Writing tests (which tests to use, how to run them, Testing Frameworks) -> @sebastian
  • The core model of Neos (e.g. CR, Node, …) -> @sebastian

Hosting / Deployment / Setup

  • Setup from zero (i.e. including even installing php)
  • Updating Neos
  • Sync server and dev-environment with MagicWand
  • Building a whole small page to show what you do in which order
  • Architectural documentation on how to run Neos cloud-natively, ie. dynamically scalable, storage options and CAP discussion, inspectability or monitoring interfaces etc

Debugging Flow and Neos

  • Basics of debugging and error investigation (where are logs, clear cache, CLI tools to check what went wrong, …)

TypoScript / Fusion

  • What is Fusion’s core idea? Why is it there?
  • Getting started with Fusion by looking at the Neos core
  • Fusion best practices


  • Using Fluid inline notation correctly (e.g. escaping strings inside helper arguments, …) -> @beheist

Specific Neos Features and capabilities

  • Command controllers (for example to import external data)
  • 404 handling (how to create pretty error pages)
  • How to translate content
  • How to create login-protected pages with Neos (pages that can only be seen by a user that is logged into the frontend, e.g. with Sandstorm/UserManagement) -> @beheist

OpenSource activities

  • Every package which you put on github

Creating content and page elements

  • Generating a navigation from specific Node Types
  • Accordion
  • Tab-view
  • Slider
  • Teaser
  • Footer/Header
  • Link Button -> @mstruebing

NEW IDEAS -> add your ideas below, we will group them.

  • Scalable Docker Setup on Google Cloud or AWS for Flow and Neos (this is for sure covered in the Google Docs for other web projects but I think it would be interesting for some people). Added by @david.sporer - I’m working on that for Passcreator anyway so I can write this beginning of next year.