Ideas for social campaigns summer 2017

Hi all :slight_smile:

this document should be a place to write down basic ideas for social campaigns in 2017. Goal is to rate and discuss the ideas. For the rating keep in mind to focus on most profit/ revenue for NEOS

Code Puzzle
Creation of 1-x puzzle pieces where participants have to solve a code riddle to win a shirt. Puzzle pieces will be published (weekly).
PR work: Publish numbers of participants, time until solve or other nice metrics during the puzzle timeframe.
Create an image badge for the participants that they can add to their twitter picture.

Goal: enlarge follower base,
Sentimental goals: fun, show code quality, enlarge the coolness factor.
Target group: developers
Publish space: twitter, Facebook
Cost: low

The 50 shades of CEO’s survey
As CEO in a responsible position it is must have to know about modern technology, but truth is - technical development sometimes makes it hard to be always top of the notch. Take the following survey and find out what kind of CEO you are !

Instead of survey as series of articles on LinkedIn

1 - x explainer cards with topics like
continous integration
content delivery network
deployment process
open source
unit tests
release circle

Goal: enlarge follower base,
Sentimental goals: fun, deliver knowledge
Target group: CEO
Publish space: twitter, Facebook
Cost: low

overall question
Delivery of the riddles/ survey after prompt an email address? - If yes we can use this data for further marketing actions.

Tips for paid campains:
For Twitter:
Create a campain that will be paid per follow but don’t ask for follow in the advertisement.

For Facebook:
Create campain for custom audience.


Webinar on Croudcast
Title like Get into NEOS // NEOS Summer Summit // The advantages of CMS in 2017 - for CEO’s as target group
Title like: How to build your XYZ in NEOS // Hands on - Live Coding of your top 10 questions in NEOS - for developers as target group.

Croudcasts pricing gives possibility to create a webinar up to 500 participants for free,
via one-month trial access. ( Beside the webinar participants can prompt questions and a chat is available. The questions can be voted from the crowd.

DNX Interviews
Use the digital nomad movement as target group to show NEOS.
Interview people out of the community who are remote or remote and traveling, about how to manage the obstacles in remote development groups. Motivation, Tools, Responsibility, Decision making and why NEOS gives ideal support for remote teams.