Images in Rich Text Editor


is it possible to insert images with the rich text editor? I’ve read that you can activate the CKEditor 5 and I did, but also there I can’t find any possibility. Do I have to activate this feature or is it upcoming?

Kind regards

It’s not activated or prepared right now and we don’t really plan to activate this in the near future. Unless we find a way to store this in a structured way.

It isn’t a good idea from a content management perspective. You are just generating a messy blob of HTML by that, which we want to avoid and why we have node types and not just a super powerful editor in which you do everything. If you put everything in the editor you can’t reuse your content/data at all and that’s not he philosophy we are going for with Neos.

Hi Christian, thanks for your answer! I know that this is not a good idea but our marketing is asking for this feature.

I think you marketing is asking for a way to put images with the text and have the possibility to position them in different areas. Perhaps from a screen mockup they have seen? If they said “activate image the RTE” they are pretty awesome :smiley:

If my assumption is correct:
I believe this can be achived in the current state of Neos. Create a “Text with image element” and add the image as a property. Make the positions selectable and have css do the rendering :slight_smile:

No they are actually asking to insert images in the RTE. :wink:
We already created many custom node contents and in some of them are RTEs. And in one of them they want to insert images. But I already explained them that this is not possible. :slight_smile: