Include files in Fusion

Hey guys,

I’m trying to include a javascript file to the body from a content fusion.

In my specific example, I want to include the app.js from my external app in this fusion because it’s only needed there.
I had it in the Settings.IncludeAssets.yaml file, but now I need two versions of this webapp with only small changes. So I want to have two modules with different js files included.

That’s the fusion where I want the file to be included:

prototype(WG.Site:Content.CustomModSuchscript) < prototype(Neos.Neos:ContentComponent) {

  renderFrontend = ${site.context.inBackend ? false : true}

  renderer = afx`
    <div @if.render={props.renderFrontend} id="app"></div>
    <section @if.render={!props.renderFrontend} class="content-wrapper bg-medium neg">
      <div class="grid-container">
        <div class="grid-x grid-padding-x grid-margin-x grid-margin-y">
          <div class="cell">
            <h2 class="h1">Hier wird die Projektsuche angezeigt</h2>

I hope you can help me with that.