Inserting Commentics in pages


I am new here and I looking information about how to insert comments using Commentics (

In Typo3 it is straightforward to insert code in every page and I wonder if you could provide the links where I can find such information for Neos.

Thank you

Hi Andrea,

I don’t know how commentics works, but you will find further information about how to create a plugin here: Creating a plugin - Extending Neos with PHP & Flow - Manual - Neos CMS - Neos Docs

Hi Andrea,

do you mean the iframe integration? In this case you have 2 options in my opinion.

  1. Insert the iframe in the AFX of your documentType
  2. Create a Comment Component with this iframe.

If you like to have the same functionality as in TYPO3, you need to create component for html as content. But i think this is a really bad solution.

And for the PHP integration you need a plugin as Sebastian said.

The iFrame solution seems to be the best. May you provide a link to the documentation where is explained how to implement your sugestions.