Integrate jquery

Good morning,

in my Default.html I integrated jquery and my own js named “Scroll.js” this way:

<f:section name="headScripts">
        <!-- Put your scripts inclusions for the head here, they will be included in your website by TypoScript -->
        <script src=""></script>
        <script src="Ressources/Public/JavaScript/Scroll.js"></script>

As I can see in frontend, both scripts where integrated. But: If I test this (in Scroll.js), no alert appears:

$(document).ready(function() {

Without $(document).ready(function() {...} it’s working, so if I only write alert("Test");, the alert appears in frontend.
Can anybody explain, why? Maybe it’s a stupid question, but I’m wondering about this behavior.

Hi Andre,

maybe i guess right… the document ready event is only triggered once. If you navigate to a document in your Neos backend you will need to add an event listener.

Please have a look at the part “Interaction with the neos backend” in the Neos documenation:

I hope this will help you:

if (typeof document.addEventListener === 'function') {
      document.addEventListener('Neos.PageLoaded', function(event) {
      }, false);


Good morning Mirko,
that doen’t work for me, no alert appears(tested with different browsers). Thank you for your hint to the docs. There especially this passage for me is logical:

…backend will however often reload the page via Ajax whenever a node
property is changed…

So if I understand it right, because of the backend reloading by Ajax the document-ready-function is only triggered once in backend. But if backend is closed so if I’m only working in frontend the backend would’nt have any influence on this behavior, would it?

Correct. In the front-end there is not really anything influencing it. It sounds more like a simple mistake. Check the source output and make sure the code is there. Copy the output to a new document and open it separately if you have to.

Hallo Aske,
I did - the code is definitively linked in the source code of the frontend. If I click on the link in the head of the source code, I can see the code, so url is valid and source code is there. :smirk:

In backend now I get the alert! But only in the Editing Modes “In-Place” and “Desktop” and not in “Raw Content”. If I switch from “Raw Content” to “In-Place” at the first load the alert doesn’t apper - I have to reload the site then. After reload the alert appears.

But the alert still does not appear in frontend.

the following code works for me just fine:

$(window).load(function () {

Maybe give it a try. :slight_smile:

@dbuecker: I tried with same result. :confused: