Integration of in Neos, call for sponsors

Hi everyone,

I’m currently search sponsors or at least person who are interested by the integration of a human backed translation API. The company is they are based in Zurich. The company itself can sponsor part of the integration, and I have currently one client interested to support this project. Supertext offers Translation, Proofreading and Content creation.

Currently I don’t have an estimate of the effort required for the integration. My current idea is the following:

  1. Create a custom Inspector editor (targeting the React version) to order translation for a single content element or for a complet document.
  2. The custom editor need to provide an estimate, and send the request to the SuperText API
  3. When Supertext is done, the translation is delivered in a specific workspace (or directly to live is reliable enough)
  4. The backend editor can validate the workspace and publish to live

There is some other feature in the radar:

  1. Respecting a “Translation budget” (weekly or monthly)
  2. User notification when Supertext deliver the content back to Neos.
  3. Add support for Proofreading and Content Creation

If you are interested, please send your comments, requests, sponsoring proposals, …

Hi Dominique,

since I created a Trados export/import in the past, we should at least make sure to not reinvent any wheels here. :slight_smile: Get in touch any time you like.