International Product Multi Site Setting Advice

Hello to the Community,

I am new to Neos, watch the past days many Videos, read Tutorials and tested with Neos with a few small projects. Now I need to setup a larger project. Aprox. 60 Domains for 1 Brand name / Product.

So, what do we need / trying to setup here? A Multilanguage / Multidimension Site for every domain

We need on every brand name domain different languages. For example, de / en / fr

First question: Is it better to configure for every brand name an extra site package? Or is it “easier” to handle and configure all brand name domains under only 1 site package?

Second point: I am searching for a solution to track every domain visitors stats using Piwik/Matomo which Plugin does it best? I tested a bit but don´t see any configuration for every site/domain? Means how to setup a Multisite Tracking using Piwik/Matomo in Neos? Should I add the tracking code by hand into the template? Is there a working plugin for this? How to do this?

Thanks for your help and reply.


Hey Andre,

Depending on the amount of differences between the sites, it could make sense with different packages. However if you’re talking 60 different brands and thus 60 different site packages, I would recommend using the same site package as that would be a lot of duplicate boilerplate code across those site packages. It’s much easier to create an additional site entry in the database than creating and handling another package.

As for tracking, @sebobo just released this package

Also for different configuration for different sites, I personally do it like this:


        trackingId: 'XXXXX-1'
        trackingId: 'XXXXXX-2'


trackingId = ${Configuration.setting('Vendor.SitePackage.sites.' + node.context.currentSite.nodeName + '.trackingId')}

@sebobo suggests a different approach in his recent talk:

Hi Andre

This package could be also helpfull: