Invalid Nodetype after upgrade from 4.3 to 5/7

Hi Team,
After upgrade Neos 4.3 to 5.3 / 7.0, the Two Column Content shows invalid Nodetype error in CMS.
To fix it we have to select the nodetype manually from inspector and then it shows the content correctly.
is there any way to get it selected automatically with some modification in yaml configuration.

Did you execute the node migrations via ./flow node:migrate ...

Use ./flow node:migrationstatus to get a list of all available migrations.

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Thanks for your valuable response.
I was not aware about the node migration.
Could you please advise me the version to execute node:migrate command from the attached image.

@martoro Thank for your guidance.
./flow node:migrate 20190304111200 version works for me.

Yes that is the right one. Congratulations and happy neosing.

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