Is it possible to disable or hide Neos.Setup in a friendly reversible manner?

I personally do not like that a part of the system path is displayed when the password location is shown.

Of course, it is possible to hack-fix that in the Neos code. But exposing on production the setup page also does not look well, so disabling or hiding the setup in a reversible manner seems to be a better choice.

I’ve tried composer remove neos/setup (but after the Neos was initialized) and moving Packages\Application\Neos.Setup out followed by flow package:rescan. I did not like the results in both cases, as I got “nothing noticeable” and “Error 500” with creation of a NEW file(that’s BAD - think about inodes limit on VPS) on the filesystem respectively.

Well, no one is answering my question. I guess nobody cares. :slight_smile:
I can most likely add that option myself, but doing it just for own use looks like an overkill…

Is there a way to put into the Neos production release what I asked about? :wave:
Do I need to make a vote if my suggestion is in demand and where exactly?? :eyes:

Hi, no immediate response doesn’t mean nobody cares.
Lots of people are on holidays etc. or no direct answer.

I think your request makes sense and you can start by creating an issue on github with all the details and linking it here :slight_smile:

@moonflyer Welcome to the Neos Discussion Board and sorry for the late reaction.
Like Sebastian wrote, lots of people are on holiday or busy with other projects right now.

But this topic is actually one that I wanted to solve for a long time already… I created a ticket now and try to look into this asap:

I joined that discussion at GitHub.