Is it possible to filter the item according to a storage / document node in inspector?

I know that currently if we want to restrict the choices of nodes to propose in the selection list of a reference type property, we can add the following configuration for the inspector: nodeTypes: [ 'TC.Neos.Base:Category' ].

So far so good, but I want to go further and restrict the types of nodes to be selected by specifying a sub-node identifier of type ['TC.Neos.Base:Category' ]. Like a kind of subcategory.


  • Cat 1 is a type of ['TC.Neos.Base:Category' ].
  • Sub Cat 1 of Cat 1 is a type of [ 'TC.Neos.Base:Category' ]

How to target only Cat 1's Sub Cat.

If it’s still not understandable, below are some illustration images:

I only want to display the category within “Producteur”

Thank you in advance.