Is there any documentation regarding the locking mechanism of FLOW?

Hey there,

I have been stumbling upon the locking mechanism of FLOW time and time again and wonder if there is any further documentation about it.

Sometimes I get error messages during my build process and cannot request the page afterwards because the page is locked for whatever reason.

This time (not in context of a build process) I get the following message after a “composer update” and suppose that it has to do with differing permissions of my web and console user (which share the same group but the files in Lock directory have permissions rw-r--r--):
Lock file "/path/to/my/project/Data/Temporary/Development/Lock/f89f058ae894a0835513fb8012afe962" could not be opened

Thank you in advance for providing further information!

Yes it look like a permissions conflict between CLI and Web request. Did you run flow core:setfilepermissions ... on your hosting server ?

About the doc for the lock, i don’t think there is a good documentation. We use lock internal mainly to limit race condition in file based cache. So if the CLI request create a lock, but the web request can not read/remove it you can have this symptom. If the permissions are configured correctly everything should work nicely.

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Hello Dominique,

thank you for your reply and sorry that I haven’t reacted until now.
I guess I had already solved my problem, probably doing exactly what you suggested.

But good to know that the locking mechanism is a symptom of wrongly set file permissions!