Is there any example for DDD in Neos?


I’ve read really a lot of documentation on Neos and Flow. But I don’t found an example on how to integrate a Flow Domain model into Neos.
I just want to choose one of my models with a selectBox in the inspector (save it in a NodeType) and display it’s data, together with some Images etc.
The blog example “Extending Neos/creating a plugin” stops, where it starts to get interesting for me.
So, I started analysing the blog Plugin Packages on They all use nodeTypes instead of Domain Models. AND Nearly all “Plugins” don’t use the Plugin NodeType. My confusion is complete.

For more Details please see:

Maybe have a look at Rendering data from Entity model to the inspector using DataSource

The thing is that it’s not supported very well at the moment. Fortunately references to arbitrary nodes in node properties should be possible with the next release (2.3), see Meaning you only need to write the data source for being able to select the domain models, whereas now you have to also fetch them manually from the stored identifiers.

Additionally there is a non-public API approach to use domain model logic called content object proxy. However it has some design drawbacks and needs quite a bit of custom handling, see

Hi Aske,
Thanks so far.
I will try to use the internalRequest __myObjectReference to fetch the right object. My plan is to store the reference in the Page. To choose the Object I will try to use a selectBox, filled by Names and references of my objects (DataSource). Even better would be to use autocompletion here. Got any hint for me, concerning this?

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Assuming the reason is that there’s a lot of objects. It’s not supported in the core, so you’d have to create your own editor based on the core one for that. But it would be a nice and fairly simple addition.