Issue While adding NewPage


I created new site and added new node types but while adding new page ,causing the issue
“No Controller could be resolved”

Just to add one more thing here , why I see the nodeType which i did not defined in my site

Any idea on that.?


You still have the Neos.Demo installed, that’s why they show up.

Thanks for quick response,

I am afraid,I have prune the site and even removed from the Site folder also but still I can see these NodeType

Could you please suggest, how should i remove ?

You have to remove it via composer: composer remove neos/demo

And if it’s still there afterwards you might have copy & pasted something by accident.

Can’t say right now why you would get the “no controller found” error. Never experienced this with a new site.

You are on 5.2?

Thanks a lot
It worked after executing composer remove neos/demo.

However,I am using the 4.3 currently and already running the migration to 5.0
I am facing the issue ,which I will post in another topic

Thanks again